What’s the Big Deal about Digital X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are almost standard at your routine dental visits. Though they may not be the most comfortable part of your appointment, the information that they provide can be invaluable to your health.

X-ray images help Augusta, GA dentist, Dr. J Perry Davis to pinpoint cavities between the teeth and identify bone loss under the gumline. They are also utilized during root canal procedures, dental implant procedures, and to evaluate the overall health of the jaw bone.

Digital technology has enhanced the capabilities of dental x-rays, increasing the value of this particular tool.

  • An electronic sensor is used to capture images of your teeth and bones, rather than traditional film.
  • Most patients report that the electronic sensor is far more comfortable than the sharp edges of the traditional film packets.
  • Digital imaging is significantly faster and requires lower radiation levels than traditional film x-rays.
  • Digital images are captured and transmitted directly to the computer, eliminating the need for darkroom chemicals or additional processing time. This reduction in chemicals and packaging materials is also much kinder to the environment!
  • Larger, sharper digital images enable dentists to explain a diagnosis or review treatment options with patients on a computer monitor where the x-rays can be enhanced for clarity and contrast, or magnified to highlight the earliest signs of notable dental conditions.
  • Digital technology eliminates the risk that your x-rays could be damaged or lost. Your images can be saved to your dentist’s protected backup storage system for safety.
  • Digital x-ray images can be effortlessly e-mailed to another dental professional or copied and printed for your records without diminishing the quality of the original image.

Your dentist in Augusta, GA appreciates the remarkable advantages that digital x-rays can provide. For your safety, the protection of the environment, and for more accurate dental care, this technology has virtually eliminated the need for traditional imaging.

If you have not yet experienced the difference that digital imaging can make, call to schedule your appointment today.