Restorative dentistry is the restoration of the natural teeth after they have been damaged, due to decay, trauma or wear. This treatment includes the use of dental crowns or fillings, depending on the patient’s needs.

Our Martinez dental office is meticulous about providing the proper care to our patients, and when you step through our door you are in great hands when undergoing restorative treatment.

There are different choices in restorative materials that can be used during this process, depending on the patient’s needs.

Composite Fillings

We ensure that all of our tooth-colored (also referred to as composite) fillings are carefully placed to avoid the potential of cracking. Drs. Davis and Ferguson feel very strongly about the use of a rubber dam on every composite because the area must be isolated to ensure a non-contaminated field for placement of the filling.

Composite fillings resemble natural teeth in color and texture. These fillings enable you to smile, eat and talk with confidence so that those you come into contact with will notice your teeth and not your fillings.

Amalgam Fillings

This type of filling consists of silver-colored metal and is durable and easy to use. The doctor may choose this over composite if the area cannot be isolated and moisture controlled.


A crown fits over the entire tooth surface. Crowns may be used if there is significant damage to a tooth or it has excessive undermined enamel leading to a potential fracture. We use local labs for crowns, because it means a faster turnaround time, and we can work closely with the lab to ensure excellent results. Depending on the patient’s wants and needs, we can provide gold, silver, or tooth-colored crowns.