Preventive Dentistry

At Davis & Ferguson Family Dentistry, we love our patients, but we understand that they likely would much rather run into us at the grocery store or at a football game than have to see us at our office because of a dental problem. That is one of the reasons that we promote preventive treatment and make an effort - for our young patients in particular - to teach good oral hygiene and dental health habits that will keep them out of the dentist’s office except for their routine cleanings.

Preventive treatment is designed to keep you and your family’s teeth and gums healthy through regular dental check-ups, cleanings and X-rays to make sure your teeth remain healthy. Preventive treatment includes:

Preventive Dentistry

Routine Professional Cleanings

Good brushing and flossing habits at home are a must for keeping your teeth healthy. In addition to that, it is important that you maintain a regular schedule of professional dental exams and professional cleanings.

Most of our patients require a check-up and cleaning twice annually. Patients with a periodontal disease diagnosis may need more frequent cleanings.

Particularly with our new patients, the first appointment involves a complete Digital X-ray Exam, Digital Photographic Exam, (for a cosmetic analysis), Intraoral and Extraoral Cancer Exam, Periodontal Exam, and a Temporomandibular Joint Exam, (for headaches, joint pain and excessive wear), followed by a visual examination of your teeth.

Dental Sealants

When combined with routine dental care, dental sealants are an excellent barrier against cavities in youth and some adults. Sealants help protect the grooves and pits in children’s teeth by acting as a barrier against bits of food and bacteria that can lead to cavities if not effectively removed.

Applying sealant is a minimally invasive procedure that is cost-effective, particularly when compared to the cost of having a cavity filled.

Fluoride Treatment

Having regular fluoride treatments can help prevent tooth decay, and our office provides in-office, professional strength fluoride application for patients who are interested in helping prevent mineral loss from tooth enamel. Fluoride treatment can help build up weakened areas where cavities are beginning to form.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-ray technology has proven to be a helpful tool in the treatment process and in keeping our patients’ teeth healthy. Digital X-rays expose our patients to less radiation (up to 80 percent less) than traditional X-rays. As an added bonus, they produce instant images that we can display for our patients to see and they eliminate the release of toxic chemicals into the environment.