A Solution for Bad, Broken, or Missing Teeth


Pros·tho·don·tics (präsTHəˈdän(t)iks) is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the design, manufacture, fit and performance of artificial replacements for the natural teeth.

Drs. Davis and Ferguson are dedicated to providing you with a smile that is strong, functional, and attractive. If you are living with teeth that are weak, damaged, hurting, or missing, our team offers a number of effective treatment solutions to fit your lifestyle as well as your budget.

These Aren’t Your Grandfather’s Teeth

Tooth replacements and other prosthodontic procedures have improved tremendously over the last decade, and many of our patients are surprised at how comfortable and realistic their smiles can be. Our goal is to get you eating, speaking, and smiling again, and that can be accomplished very successfully, thanks to modern technology and our team’s knowledge of current prosthodontic concepts.

Common Prosthodontic Procedures
  • Dental Crowns (Full-coverage restorations made of porcelain and/or white gold)
  • Veneers (Porcelain restorations that cover the front and sides of the front teeth)
  • Dental Implants (Artificial tooth roots used to anchor dental crowns, bridges, and dentures)
  • Dental Bridges (Permanent tooth replacement made of porcelain and/or white gold)
  • Removable Partial Denture (Acrylic or metal framework that supports a few artificial teeth)
  • Implant-Supported Denture (A type of overdenture that is supported by, and attached to, dental implants
  • Complete Dentures (Acrylic framework for the complete replacement of the upper or lower teeth)
Do You Need a Completely Reconstructed Smile?

Your smile can be fully reconstructed for the best possible performance and appearance when we rebuild damaged teeth with dental crowns and replace missing teeth with dental implants. If necessary, it is possible to use a combination of restorative techniques to create the smile that is best for you. Establishing a stronger, healthier smile can improve your ability to chew and digest foods as well as alleviate a number of related TMJ problems.

For a personalized consultation, and to learn more about your prosthodontic options, please contact our office today.