Prevent Gum Disease and Protect Your Overall Health

Every day, people are affected by their health.  The medical world finds more cures, and scientific research gathers more facts with each passing hour.  One very important finding is the link between heart disease and periodontal disease.  With so many men and women being diagnosed with heart disease it is important to understand all of the contributing factors, links, and preventive measures we can take as individuals to lower our risk.  A preventive approach such as visiting your dentist in Augusta, GA can help lower your chances for preventing periodontal disease.

Research suggests a link between the bacteria found in patients with severe periodontal disease and those with heart disease. A C-reactive protein (an internal sign of inflammation) is a common factor found in both people with heart disease and gum disease.

A broader approach between the links between the two is lifestyle factors.  Sometimes at your initial dental visit you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire.  This questionnaire may include questions about your tobacco usage, diabetes, and the state your overall health.  We sometimes find that those individuals who have forgotten about addressing and taking care of their oral health may fail to focus on their overall health as well.

Both diseases are very complex and have some serious life-altering consequences.  Periodontal disease and heart disease typically take years to show enough symptoms for diagnosis.  For a proper diagnosis, you should always answer all healthcare questions honestly.  If you have heart disease or a family history, let your treating dentist know.

Remember, heart disease and periodontal diseases are both serious to your overall health.  As research regarding this theory continues, we could learn more about how to better protect your smile as well as your heart. Contact your Augusta GA dentist today to take the preventive approach. Who knows? It just might add years to your life.