Here’s What You Should Know about Teeth Whitening in Augusta GA

It seems that everyone wants whiter teeth. In fact, even your dentist in Augusta, GA wants you to have whiter teeth. That’s because white teeth look healthier and make you feel a little better about yourself. What can be wrong with that?

Though there are a number of toothpastes on the market that claim to whiten and brighten your smile, the truth is that virtually every brand of toothpaste contains an abrasive formula that helps to scrub away stain. Some brands are more abrasive than others, making them slightly more effective at removing light stains on the surface of your teeth.

Unfortunately, even the toughest toothpaste will be unable to remove the deep stains that tend to accumulate as we age. Beverages such as coffee and tea, habits such as smoking, and darkly pigmented foods like berries can darken the teeth over the years. Some patients even experience tooth discoloration as the result of a childhood illness or a tetracycline medication that was administered while the enamel was still forming.

To brighten your smile and eliminate these tough stains, it may be necessary that you consider a professional bleaching product.

For most patients, bleaching works particularly well for teeth that are yellowish in tone. Teeth that are brownish in tone also tend to respond well to whitening solutions. Grayish teeth are typically more difficult to brighten, but specially formulated whitening products can dramatically improve their appearance.

Dental restorations on the front teeth such as bonding or tooth-colored fillings cannot be whitened with bleaching material. The shade of these artificial materials won’t respond to bleaching, though they can be replaced to match the shade of your new, whiter smile.

While it is difficult to predict the final result of your teeth whitening treatment, you can be assured that there is a whitening option that is just right for you. Consult Dr. J. Perry Davis today to learn more more about teeth whitening in Augusta GA.