Saving a Knocked-out Tooth

There are unquestionable health advantages to participating in sports throughout your lifetime. With so much emphasis on obesity and heart disease, both children and adults are encouraged to engage in some form of physical activity each day. Unfortunately, your athletic involvement can increase the chances that you, or someone that you know, will suffer an accidental dental injury during the fun.

Statistics released by the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation estimates that as many as 3 million teeth were knocked out in 2011 during youth athletic events. Taking the right steps during the precious moments from the time that the injury takes place to the time that you visit J Perry Davis DMD can increase your chances for saving the natural tooth.

  • If the tooth is visibly dirty, rinse it gently with clean water only. Avoid scrubbing the tooth or handling it excessively.
  • Carefully reinsert the clean tooth into the tooth socket. Be sure that the tooth is facing the proper direction.
  • With a clean cloth or napkin, apply firm pressure to the tooth in the socket for approximately five minutes.
  • If your attempt to reinsert the tooth is unsuccessful, place the tooth in cold milk or water. Use a clean, soft cloth and firm pressure to control bleeding.
  • Transport the injured patient and the tooth to the dentist as soon as possible.
  • Remain calm! Resisting the urge to panic will help you to think clearly and enable you to provide valuable care for the injured person.

The very best solution for a dental injury is prevention. For many athletes, a customized mouthguard is the first and most predictable line of defense against a traumatic dental injury. Prior to engaging in an athletic activity, talk to Dr. Davis to find out if a protective mouthguard is right for you.