Do You Have Your Dad’s Teeth?

How much do you know about your family’s dental health? Understanding your family’s health history and dental history can unlock clues that could help you to protect your own health. Sharing this information with your Augusta GA dentist will ensure that you receive the most appropriate professional care when it matters the most.

Sometimes, dental diseases are genetic in nature, making members of the same family predisposed to conditions such as tooth decay, gum disease, and orthodontic problems.

If your parents or siblings claimed to have weak teeth or frequent cavities, it would be reasonable to suspect that you are more susceptible to tooth decay as well. Cavities occur when a particular strain of bacteria within the oral cavity produces acidic byproducts that destroy the enamel. Perhaps high levels of these bacteria tend to run in your family. It is even possible that the meals that your family frequently enjoys promote the production of these bacterial acids. Certain foods are also more likely to contribute to plaque buildup, creating a virtual breeding ground for bacteria.

Another bacteria-induced dental condition, periodontal disease, may be more prevalent based on your family history. Studies suggest that these bacteria may be transferred among family members due to a genetic trait or via kissing and sharing food. Regardless of the transmission method, the presence of gum disease within your family may be an indicator of your own potential risk for periodontal disease.

Parents who have crowded teeth, narrow arches, or congenitally missing teeth have a high probability of seeing the same orthodontic challenges in their children. Inherited details in the shape, size, or position of the teeth can contribute to dental conditions like tooth decay, speech impediments, and cosmetic flaws.

Although many dental conditions may be considered hereditary, routine checkups and an appropriate oral hygiene regimen can help you to break the cycle. You can take preventive measures to fight dental disease, and you can pay particular attention for signs of the conditions that tend to run in your family.

Talk to your dentist in Augusta GA today about specific strategies for improving your oral health.